by Tartarus

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New single off our Debut EP "Tartarus" to be released April 10th, 2015!


Revelation, desecration, termination of vile life
Insemination, creation, breeding under the knife
diurnal course has become a tribulation
ephemeral youth has bedimmed our nation
false cognition is malignant to the horde
we must halt the procreation of these fucking whores

rip the swine from their analeptic shelter
convene the masses force them in the confined sectors

assemble the dematerialized race
let their lies bleed from cattle cars

finally we arrive
strip the men of disposition
bound and gagged they're hanged from hooks
mechanically conveyed
one by one
they're sent in line
deliberately positioned
for extermination
the process begins
cremation of their kind
screaming in anguish
their bodies burned alive

The remaining women are assembled in the yard
Their reproductive organs are torn from inside
We take the eggs and prepare for breeding
We took their lives and destroyed the meaning

Revelation, Desecration, Termination, Insemination

Cracking skulls with blunt force trauma
Gargling their blood as they grasp for air
Bodily fluids capacitate their lungs
Regurgitating bile and vomiting exudate

Smoldering ashes burn behind our
Reminence of the world we knew
New life has come to devour
The deceased life that we’ve come to

Dispersion; infantry voyages worldwide
Production: of a new mankind

Engulf the earth with our race
Fecondate the cells to take the place
Of the degenerate life of our times
With the earth cleansed you will realize
The life we lived was clouded by
Disregard of perpetual motion
Ignorance has consumed the earth
Knowledge needs room to give birth


released March 28, 2015




Tartarus Hartford, Connecticut

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